Rider FAQ

Do the Drivers work for RideSpider?

No, the drivers do not work for RideSpider. They are independent business owners who use the RideSpider drivers app. The Ridespider drivers app matches drivers and riders, providing ride rates, pricing and payment processing.

Do I pay RideSpider?

Yes, you do pay Ridespider. The RideSpider app is free and free to use for customers. We do charge a small fee in the fare to provide ride matching and payment processing. Tips go directly to the driver.

What are the standard Ridespider payment methods?

When you register with Ridespider in the rider app, you will be asked to select and enter your preferred payment methods. The options are Credit/Debit cards, in the future we plan to add the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How are the ride rates and the recommended price per ride determined?

Our rates are calculated with a set of fixed formulas that will be published here: http://ridespider.com/index.php/rates/.

Why does RideSpider charge a fee? This “RideSpider Fee” is charged to pay for insurance required by law to cover the driver, vehicle, passengers (you), bystanders and any other vehicles that might be involved in an accident. The fee also allows us to pay the salaries of our customer service staff and cover regular operating expenses.

We at RideSpider seek to keep your cost also low as possible, direct and easily understood. That is why you will never be charging you any surge or prime time price hikes. We want to be able to budget for the transportation expenses!

Can I schedule a ride ahead of time?

The RideSpider riders app has ride scheduling built in and a calendar to track your scheduled rides. If you have made favorites of one or more drivers the app will attempt to schedule your ride with them, if they are not available you will be given the option of another driver in your area. This helps foster a good driver and rider relationship and riding with someone you have gotten to know and trust!.

Where and what may be driven?

As a small business owner, we do not control where and what the driver drives. They may drive using our service anywhere it is legal.

We do recommend that they be sure of the vehicles a good condition. That it be road legal and represent their business postively in its appearance.

We have categories that you will select from when requesting a ride in the passenger’s app. This makes it possible for us to match you with the right vehicle for your needs. The categories are the following two seat sports car, three seat pickup truck, five or six seat pick up truck, four or five passenger sedan, minivan and sport utility vehicle or luxury.

We do not plan to add a category for motorcycles and scooters due to their inherent safety issues and lack of weather protection.

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