Driver FAQ

How much does RideSpider cost?

The drivers RideSpider app is free to use. Designed to not charge the driver any fees, but paying the driver’s the full mile and minute fare. We can do this by using new technology, lowering our costs to operate. Potentially increasing a drivers profit by 40% per week or more! The riders app is also free and of no cost to use.

Do I work for RideSpider?

No, using the app does not mean you work for RideSpider. Each driver or company using RideSpider is a self employed individual or employee of a company that uses RideSpider.

The RideSpider app and the Ridespider company function as a Transport Agent and Rider matching service.

How do I get paid as a Driver?

The RideSpider company and the RideSpider app will handle the payment between the driver and the rider. We charge low fees, in the amount charged to the rider.

Ridespider processes the fares and pays the drivers weekly.

The recommended payment methods are Credit/Debit cards. With plans in the future to add cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Can I drive for other services?

You are a small business owner and as so, you may choose when and with whom you work. We at RideSpider appreciate you choosing to use our app, but we in no way control you or your business.

Where and what may I drive?

As a small business owner, we do not control where and what you drive. You may drive using our service anywhere it is legal within your state, country or elsewhere.

We do recommend that you be sure of your vehicles good operating condition. That it be road legal and represent you and your business well in its appearance.

We have categories that you will select from when adding your vehicle to the drivers app. This makes it possible for us to match you with the right passenger and their needs. The categories are the following two seat sports car, three seat pickup truck, five or six seat pick up truck, four or five passenger sedan, minivan and sport utility vehicle or luxury.

We feel that most vehicles fall into one of these categories. We do not have or plan to add a category for motorcycles and scooters due to their inherent safety issues and lack of weather protection.

How are the ride rates and recommended price per ride determined?

Our rates are calculated with a set of fixed formulas that will be published here:

The driver will receive payment of the full mile and minute fare, no fees are deducted. This will typically amount to over 40% more pay for the driver.


Check with your State, Province or Local Authorities to be sure you are operating your transport agent services legally. Some states, using Tennessee as an example require an additional endorsement on you license for commercial passenger transportation, even in a private vehicle.

By law you must be legally insured in your State or province, we recommend you consider taking out additional liability coverage for you, your business and your customers safety.

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