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Driver App

RideSpider is now accepting driver applications in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Apply below


We are currently dispatching drivers by the app and SMS to complete rides.

The drivers app is currently under development and will be free to use.

The RideSpider drivers app is designed to have Zero (0) fees on drivers unlike similar apps!

Allowing drivers to collect and keep all of their fares!

Potentially increasing a drivers profit by nearly 40% or more per month!

This app will provide many new features, making your driving job easier and more rewarding!

Requested Features

RideSpider is currently active in our Alpha Testing Phase

As our apps are still under development, so now is the time to let us know the features you would like to see included in the app.  We want to hear from you.

Join our Facebook focus groups by sending an email to ride@ridespider.com or drive@ridespider.com


The concern for safety for all of our riders is a top priority, but our desire that women feel safe using our service is one we are addressing with offering a woman to woman option (W2W). All of our drivers under go the same background check and drug screening. We want women to have the option of requesting a woman driver. We are actively looking to bring women drivers on board with RideSpider! If you want to be a women driver with the W2W service please contact us at 423-225-1933 or http://driver.ridespider.com/w2w !

Rider App

RideSpider is currently providing rides in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Riders download our app here:




The riders app is currently under a partnership with PickMeApp and is ready to use.

We are still in development of our custom app. It will provide many new features not available in other apps.

Setting priority to favorite drivers, ride scheduling with calendar functions.

Making your rider experience more pleasant and positive!

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